EAC /ATC Member Benefits

You have a voice with CRA

One of our primary goals is to facilitate the operation of a tax practice, improving your bottom line.

Running a successful tax practice takes more than strong management and excellent technical skills. It requires coordination between the CRA and front line service providers.

Tax policy does not always lend itself to easy application on the front line; it is not always drafted with full consideration of the administrative burden it puts on practitioners. Working with the CRA, we provide the CRA with options to more efficient ways to meet policy objectives.

As your conduit to the CRA, we meet regularly with senior managers of the CRA to discuss tax policy and administrative issues that affect all tax practitioners.

Every June we survey our members and document the issues and irritants that hinder their work. This information forms the basis of our Annual Submission to the CRA and subsequent agenda for our regular meetings with senior management of the CRA.

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